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How to Register On Binance BIG Guide 2021

How to Create an Account on Binance?

Hi everyone, in this article, we will answer all your questions about Binance, which is the first crypto-currency Exchange in World. The main topics we will include in this user guide are listed in the following items. In addition, we are happy to present you all in a single article, from creating an account to usage, supported by sub-related items. How to create an account on Binance How to use Binance How to authenticate Binance address verification How to trade on Binance First, I want to point out that the Binance exchange currently has two sites.

The first is a global site, and the second is an active exchange for World. We will register on the global stock market. This is very important. After verifying the Global account, you can also access the TR site with that account. By the way, before I forget, Binance ranks as the third most reliable and largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. If you would like, let’s start our membership opening process now.

1) Step to Create A Membership Account 

Let us establish our membership in a quick form. First, click here to go to the Binance registration page. As you can see in the bottom image, to create our account for free, let us type our Email Address and click on the “Create Account” button by typing our password, which we will use in Binance immediately below. Make sure that your email and password information that you will use here is correct and something that you will not to register on binance

Security Verification:

After clicking on the Create Account button, you immediately encounter the robot Verification Section. Place the puzzle in the space by holding the place I took in the round with the red mark and moving it to the right and complete the security verification process.


how to register on binance app


Account Email Verification:

If you have completed the security verification process, Binance account verification will appear immediately. Let us finish our verification process by entering the verification code that was forwarded to your email address in the empty field below.

how to register on binance smart chain

Welcome to Binance (first look) 

Now that Binance account verification is complete, you must have created your account. Now we will immediately meet a welcome screen as follows, and we will quickly continue our other steps. 


how to register binance account


What do those things I saw up there mean? I want to give you a brief information about these immediately. We’re not going to process it right now; I’m just telling you so you can get information. I will explain in detail below how to use the stock market and your accounts.Fiat Deposit: this means real currency, that is, your money used in your country. It means an account balance that you can deposit and then use on the exchange for bitcoin, altcoin, or other transactions in exchange for the money you have deposited.

You can also invest in other currencies such as TL, EURO and DOLLAR.Crypto Deposit: we have created our Binance account and cryptocurrency wallets have been created for all coins currently traded on this exchange. For example, if you have an account on Turkish cryptocurrency exchanges such as BTCTURK, PARIBU, BITLO, or if you have cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, altcoins, you can use them to transfer them to wallets in our Binance account that we have opened. At the same time, we can provide withdrawals from these wallets.

We can use it for trading.Get crypto with your credit card: through this tab, we can also get cryptocurrency purchases in a very easy way with a click or two.Now, in short, if you have information so that the above features do not confuse you, let us do other verification of our Binance account and start using the exchange.

(2) Binance Basic Information Verification Process

how to register binance usWe immediately click on the profile sign in the upper-right corner, and then click on the “not verified” message in the yellow part that you have seen, and we move on to the verification process of our basic information. Then you will see a page like the one just below.

how to register on binance in nigeria


Phone Verification: You can make phone verification, when entering your Binance account, you also protect your account by entering the security password that comes to your phone via SMS.Google verification: it is a security program that you can use by downloading it from the app market to your Android/IOS phones. You usually use Instagram/Twitter/Facebook or other social apps. It is called 2FA. You can use this if you want. (I use both)

How to Do Phone Verification? 

Let us show you how to verify simply and quickly with phone verification. When you click on the phone verification tab, you will immediately encounter the page as in the bottom image.


how to register on binance in pakistan


The area code where I get round with the red you have seen above usually looks like the area code of other countries, immediately click there to type the area code of your own country. After we set the area code, we will write our phone number in the field in the side space. Click the “Send Code” button at the bottom, type the code that comes to your mobile phone in the first space.Then let’s press the “Send Code” button for the email immediately below it and write the code that comes to your email in the next space, and then press the Send button.

What you need to know here is that you have to hurry for safety reasons. The reason I am saying this is because it gives you 60 seconds to do these operations. In other words, you will need to do both SMS verification and e-mail verification at the same time within 60 seconds. In this way, you have done your phone verification process.

How to Do Google Verification?

This verification process is very secure and the main method we use. In short, we call it (2FA), that is, a two-step verification method. Just like the SMS verification above. Binance serves as a bridge between your account and Google’s Two-Step Verification app. When you log in to your Binance account by email and password, it also asks you for the password in the “Google Authenticator” app on your phone. The password is reset with a certain interval of time, just as it gives you 60 seconds when you do the above verification.This security method is also quite easy. Let us talk about how you can use this right now.

If you think this will force you, you can make your choice in the form of phone verification.First, let us install the “Google Authenticator” app from the app market on our phone. If you own an Android phone, let’s download the app by entering the Google Play Store and typing Google Authenticator in the search bar. For Android, you can use the link here.If you are an Apple user, do the same by entering the App Store. You can use this link for the App Store app.


how to register binance singapore


We are installing the app on our android or ios phone. After the installation process is complete, we click on the Google verification tab seen in the image below.


binance telefon doğrulama


After clicking on the Google verification tab, we will see a page like the one in the image. Since we have installed the Google Verification app on our phone in the previous step, we go through this step by clicking on the next button located directly at the bottom of the page that appears as follows.


google 2fa rehberi binance


After clicking on the next button, information appears to enable 2FA, that is, two-step verification. We will match the information here with the Google app we have installed on our phone, and our two-step verification process will be finished.


google 2fa rehberi binance 2021


On this page, we open the Google Authenticator app that we have installed on our phone. When you open the app on your phone, you will see a screen like the following. In the upper-right corner, you click on the (+) sign that you have seen, and immediately at the bottom, two options appear that I get in the red field.

When you click Scan barcode, your camera will open, and in the previous image, you will zoom in on the QR code at the bottom left to make it match with the Google app.If your camera cannot scan the QR code and match the account, let us move on to the other manual verification process.

Click on the (+) icon again from the Google app. Let us provide manual verification by clicking on the manual entry section, which is the second option at the bottom. In the image above, there is a code next to the QR code, as you have seen.

This is different for each person, and yours will be different. The code it gave to me is “HTUWJOCVHLFSIXLG”. I click on the (+) icon from the Google app, then the Manual entry tab, and enter this code in the empty field that appears in front of me.



google binance dogrulama


This is how we do the manual verification process, and the third step page appears as follows. This place is very important. Read very well what I have written from here.


binance doğrulama kodu nasıl alınır


Note the code in the field that I square with the black field and show it with the red line, and do not lose it. This code is vital. Your phone may not work, it may be stolen, or all your data may be deleted. You cannot access the Binance account when such events occur. Google gives us a backup code so that when something happens to our phone, we can reset the Google verification app.  You can think of this code as a spare key to your home.So never share this backup code with anyone and keep it very safe. If we have recorded our backup code in a solid place to reset our Google verification app, we can now go to the next step by clicking next.


google binance doğrulama adımı 3


We have come to the last step. On the page that appears, let us quickly first press the Send Code button and write the verification code that is transmitted to our email in the field in the first space. Then, let us open the Google Authenticator app from our phone and type the 6-digit code it gave us in the field in the second space and press the Send button and our two-step verification process will be completed.


binance hesap açma ve doğrulama


As you can see, where I put it in the red field, our account 2FA, that is, our two-step verification process, shows that it was successful. Now that we’ve secured our account, we can do our other transactions. Before I forget, every time you log in to your Binance account with your email and password, you will encounter Google verification. You will gain access to your account by opening the app from your phone and entering the one-time verification code it has created for you.

(3) How to Authenticate

Now that our two-step security verification is complete, we can move on to our authentication and address verification steps. On the same page, let’s click on the Security tab from the menu on the left.


binance kimlik doğrulaması nasıl yapılır


After clicking on the Security tab, we click on the Verify tab, which I entered in the red area below, and move on to our other steps.


binance hesap nasıl doğrulanır


For the security of our account and to ensure ourselves, let us verify our personal information with an official identity. Just click the Confirm button, which I have enclosed in the square on the right side. After clicking, we will see such a page.


binance kimlik doğrulama yapma


Keep in mind that the account has a great measure against any fraud or theft. That is why authentication is of great importance. You are making your account official. I recommend it strongly. Click the start button at the bottom and go to the next step.


binance yüz doğrulama nasıl yapılır


Nationality: you choose which country you are a citizen of.Identification number: you enter your own identification number (provide absolutely accurate information). When something happens to your account, you are asked for your credentials and must prove it when you claim to be the owner of that account. He will also ask you to confirm your face in the next step. If it does not match the photo on your ID, your account will not be approved.Identification information: First name: type your first name Last Name: type your last name (match your ID)Date of birth: write your date of Birth. (Match your ID)Then let us scroll down the page and confirm our residence information.


binance kimlik doğrulama işlemi


Residence address: enter the address of your home where you currently live. (Note: it is important that the information is correct, in the next step we will do official settlement verification). If it does not match, your account will not be approved.Postal code: you can type the postal code of the province you are in.City: type the city in which you reside.Mark the place I marked with a red area at the bottom and let us click Continue. If you do not type the information correctly, it will not confirm and will give an error. It automatically sees whether the data is correct. So, if you write it wrong, it will give you an error. When you enter the information completely correctly, you will see that the information has been successfully verified as follows.


binance kimlik doğrulama islemi nasıl yapabiliriz


If our basic verification has been successfully completed, let’s click the go to Advanced Verification tab and move on to the other steps. I know you’re bored, but I told you at the beginning that it’s the third most secure cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It protects you and your account more than you do. Click the Advanced Verification tab and let’s move on to the next step.


binance kimlik doğrulama hatası


After clicking on the Advanced Authentication tab, this window will appear. Here we have three options for performing advanced verification.ID CardPassportDriver’s LicenseFrom here, select which document you want to verify with and click Continue. I’m going with the ID card option.


binance gelişmiş kimlik doğrulama


On the page that appears, we are asked to take a photo of the front side of our identity and the back side of our identity and upload it.Upload frontside: take a close-up photo of the frontside of your ID, click on the upload front side area, and upload it. (The example will shoot as follows) I have blurred everything to show the example. You can take a picture directly and upload it as I said above.


binance gelişmiş kimlik doğrulama nasıl yapılır


Upload backside: upload the backside as you uploaded the front side of your ID. And then click the Continue button.

kimlik ön yüzü örnektir


As you can see, you take photos of our identity up close in this way and upload them. Click Continue for Advanced Verification.


kimlik arkayüzü örnektir


After we take ID photos and add them to the fields in this way, we click Continue. Then we come across Binance selfie verification as follows.


gelismiş doğrulama binance


As an example, it shows you how to take a selfie, or if you have a close-up selfie photo on your phone, you can also add it. The photo you upload your ID must match the photo you are going to take or upload. That means a high degree of increased security. Let us take a Selfie or upload it if we have a photo on our phone/computer. Then click the Continue button.After we do our selfie verification, the next step will be face verification.


binance selfie dogrulama


Your computer needs to have a camera, if you do not have a camera, log in to your account from your mobile phone and click on the profile picture. From the verification menu, point to the same page again and start facial verification.All content will be in your own language when verifying your face. You can easily do this, because it is my account, there is no face verification process again. I will tell you visually. Here are the warnings they tell us here. When verifying.Do not wear a hatDo not wear glassesDo not use a camera filterShow your face in a beautiful, illuminated area.Now that we understand these terms, click on the place that says Begin Verification and complete the step by following the facial verification instructions. Note that after the transaction is complete, your account is manually reviewed.

Authorities will review your account from top to bottom and confirm your account if all data matches.FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)How long does authentication take?Since verification is done manually, it varies according to intensity, it is confirmed in as little as 1 hour in normal time. At very extremely busy times, it is confirmed within 36 hours at most.Note: after our account is approved, we can move on to other transactions immediately. We can buy/sell cryptocurrencies by adding cards to our account or depositing money. I have performed both advanced verification and residence verification. Because my purchases and sales are high sums, I need to keep the account safe in the best possible way.

This will appear to you when your account is approved.After you have done your Advanced Verification, Address Verification, and authentication at the bottom, and after confirmation, it opens just as you see below. First, you will perform authentication. Your account will be verified and then the Advanced Verification option at the bottom will be activated. From there, you will click the Confirm message. Enter your address in the Address Verification section and send it.It is approved on average between 3-5 days, but you don’t have to do it. You can also use it only by performing authentication operations. My choice was to confirm both.


binance yüz doğrulaması nasıl yapılır

(4) How to Deposit Money In Binance?

There are two ways to deposit money into Binance. As I mentioned above, we are now in a global account, so we will be able to deposit it in two different ways. I must mention that the first method is that we can do this with Papara, which provides digital money services from a global account. The second option is that we can provide payment with our global bank/credit card.

Deposit to our account through Papara:

In our Binance account, we immediately click on the Wallet tab in the upper-right menu. In the tab that opens, we click on the wallet Summary tab, and we encounter a page like the following. Then we click on the Main Account tab in the upper-left menu and the next page is exactly as follows. If you cannot find it, you can reach it by clicking here. By the way, if you do not have a Papara account, you can easily reach it by clicking here and create your account. (Turkish Electronic Bank Service)If you have a Papara account, that is good! we can easily move on to the next step immediately.


binance tüm doğrulamalar


After doing what I mentioned above, you will encounter a page like the one below.


binanceye para nasıl yatırılır


For example, I write 500 TL to have an idea in mind, you can see the commission it receives. Then you click Continue.


binanceye para yatırma işlemi


As you have seen, when we deposit money with Papara, when you deposit 500 TL, you receive a commission of 5 TL. The amount to be transferred to your Binance account is 495 TL. This is so good. When you click Continue, you will be redirected to the Papara payment page.


binanceye para yatırma işlemi nasıl yapılır


If you have a Papara account, as you can see above, you can log in directly with your mobile phone or Papara email address and upload the balance to your Binance account within seconds. In the same way, if you withdraw money from Binance to your bank account with Papara, it automatically switches to your account within seconds.

(5) How to withdraw money from Binance to bank account?

You do the same things we do when making a deposit, just by going to the side tab, that is all.


paparadan binanceye para yatırma


Click the withdrawal tab next to the deposit tab, and your balance will appear on the right side. In the Enter amount section, type how much money you will withdraw to the Papara bank account and click Continue to complete your transaction. As you can see, we handle the withdrawal in such a simple way.Connect to our BinanceTR account and deposit with our debit card or credit card


binanceden para çekme nasıl yapılıyor


Then we will see a page like this, and we will connect to our trbinance account with our account.


binance tr üyeliğe geçme


For security, you can log in to your account by entering the verification code sent to your email. Then, just as we did while loading money with Papara above, apply the same transactions to your TR account and you can easily pay by debit/credit card.


binance tr üyeliğe bağlama


If you are interested in more topics or have any questions, you can contact us through our communication channels or in the comments section. Our content will continue to be constantly updated. 


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